DMS serves as a steward of Disability Insurance obligations, bringing objectivity to the relationship between insurers and their valued policyholders.

Company Profile

Founded in 1995, Disability Management Services, Inc. ("DMS"), is an independent, full-service third-party administrator and consulting firm, specializing in the management of individual and group disability products. DMS is headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts, with an additional office located in Syracuse, New York and employs over 200 professional associates.

DMS has earned the trust of leading insurers and reinsurers by applying our specialized capabilities to implement operational solutions that work the first time.

By outsourcing to DMS, our clients gain freedom. Freedom to focus on other projects. To efficiently use capacity. To go further. Their confidence in DMS is testimony to the experience and competence of our professional workforce.

Mission Statement

We help our clients meet their business objectives by designing customized products and by providing expert disability risk management and cost effective administrative services enabled by our proprietary systems.

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